Building owners and operators make smart decisions every day to improve the quality, value, comfort and costs of their assets. We understand their responsibilities to manage risk and invest capital wisely. Our mission is to expedite the well-documented economic and environmental benefits of ever-changing building improvements that modernize and enhance building assets, for the benefit of their owners, operators, occupants and communities.

Traditionally, investing in building improvements has required immediate capital, personnel bandwidth and trusted resources, while also requiring you to carry the performance risk and maintenance costs of these improvements for as long as you own the building. You no longer have to.

At PDG, we believe the risks and costs of building equipment ownership can distract you from your core responsibilities and objectives. What if you can outsource equipment ownership? We also believe that few organizations are set up to efficiently manage the multi-faceted steps to identify, pay for and verify the performance of their building improvements. What if you hired help to fill in those gaps as needed?

Regardless of whether your goal is to reduce operational costs, standardize your buildings, improve comfort and value, or minimize your environmental impact, PDG can help relieve you of many of your building investment challenges by providing our resources when you prefer to minimize straining your own.

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Page Gravely, Managing Partner

Page has over 25 years of national and global client services experience focused on the improvement of operating, financial, technology and environmental performance practices. 

Master of Environmental Management, Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment

BA, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


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Dan Last, Managing Partner

Dan has more than a decade of experience helping clients maximize the value of their facility investments through innovative financing, measurement & verification and data management processes. 

Master of Business Administration, University of Colorado, Boulder Leeds School of Business

Master of Education, Boston College Lynch School of Education

BA, BS Boston College


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