PDG provides Procurement Management Services to assist each client with the responsibilities and resources required to invest in new or updated building technologies. We leverage our industry knowledge, experience and relationships to provide resources and capabilities our clients don't currently have or prefer not to use. We serve each client's best interests, and prioritize earning their trust.

Procurement Services

PDG provides brokerage services to help building owners and operators utilize creative purchasing methods for their building improvement projects. Many common energy efficiency projects include indoor/outdoor LED lighting, building controls, new and retrofit HVAC Roof Top Units, Chillers, Boilers, VFDs, sensors, smart thermostats, energy monitoring and metering. If management wants to preserve cash, not use debt financing nor lines of credit for these types of projects, PDG can offer an “As-a-Service” technology subscription that removes many of the costs and responsibilities of equipment ownership. Expected capital costs can become a fixed operating expense, potentially enabling an off-balance sheet accounting treatment.

PDG also brokers highly competitive choices to procure energy supply agreements for your regional and national portfolio. We can often leverage energy supply contracts to include on-bill financing allowing building owners to finance building improvement projects through their energy supply contracts while still reducing portfolio-wide energy costs.

Vendor Selection Services

PDG can serve as a client’s resource for researching, vetting and implementing third-party, best-in-kind building system technologies to provide the improvements you seek. We can manage an RFP process or can serve as the client’s general project manager for your authorized improvement projects. We will provide a procurement framework to maximize the value of each opportunity.

Performance Services

PDG can conceptualize or enhance any existing programs you have for the collection and reporting of building performance data aligned with your company’s goals. We enhance your ability to use existing and/or new metering inside your buildings with external measurement tools. This performance measurement framework provides you options for what information you can communicate to your  stakeholders about how your buildings are performing with respect to financial, operating and environmental metrics.

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